Aquatica - SeaWorld's Water Park

Once in the park you can float through an undersea world of exotic fish, thunder through rolling rapids, relax on our white sandy beaches, or take a tube slide through an underwater world where black-and-white Commerson's Dolphins as they play and race alongside you.

Great fun for guests of all ages and when purchased as part of a COMBO ticket, the value is even better with 14 days unlimited access to all the parks purchased with your Combo ticket.

Select your adult & child tickets from below and build up your cart.  Then when ready add these to check out any are on the fast track to great venues and prices.


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Aquatica - 1 day ticket options for ages 3+

Picture of Aquatica - 1 day ticket options for ages 3+
We offer 2 options. 1 day ticket including All Day Dining.Or just a 1 day ticket
     Aquatica 1 day with All Day Dining: $74.99 (USD)
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     AQUATICA 1 day -SeaWorld's Water park: $54.99 (USD)
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