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When you think about Universal Orlando® Resort you’ll immediately think of two great theme parks that are located side by side and share the same car park making park hopping even easier for their guests.

In addition to the great theme parks there is also the exciting CityWalk which is a fantastic and very popular night time entertainment complex.
So here at this one fantastic location you can find the biggest movies ever made and today’s hottest entertainment come together to create unforgettable experiences.

You can jump into the action of the movies at Universal Studios Florida®, arguably the world’s premier movie and TV based theme park. There you can experience such attractions as Revenge of the Mummy®, Shrek 4-D™, MEN IN BLACK™ Alien Attack™ and The Simpsons Ride™.

You will feel the adrenaline rush of cutting edge rides and attractions that challenge all your senses at Universal’s Islands of Adventure®, here you can experience the amazing adventures of Spider-Man®, the Jurassic Park River Adventure®, and the new Wizarding World of harry Potter and lots more.

You can enjoy live music, shopping, dining, dancing and more at Universal CityWalk®, “The Entertainment Capital of OrlandoSM”. 

Universal Studios Theme Park Information

Universal Orlando Resort – Two parks giving visitors lots of great photos, videos and memories



In addition to having two great theme Parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando Resort also offers two ticket options which we are sure you will agree give visitors all the options they need. 

Firstly there is the Base ticket.  As the name suggests, this is their basic ticket and allows guests to visit one park per day for the number of days purchased.

The second option is their Park to Park ticket.  This allows the guest to visit both park on the same day for as many days as they have purchased

Before we get into more depth about what the parks have to offer let us tell you quickly about the Orlando Flex Ticket.  This ticket come in two options.  The 5 park Flex give 14 days unlimited access from and including first day of use to all parks :- Universal Studios, Islands if Adventure, Wet n’Wild, SeaWorld and  Aquatica.

The 6 Park Flex is the same as the 5 park but adds Busch Gardens to the mix making it an even better value for money ticket option. 

Now back to details on Universal Studios park information

Universal Orlando has so much to offer such as an encounter with killer shark –“JAWS”. Or you can go help the” Men In Black” fight space aliens.  You can even try to fight off the “Revenge of the Mummy”.  This is just a few there more where that came from………….

The Simpsons Ride – take a wild trip through the world of the Simpsons and meet up with some old favorites such as Marge, Homer, Maggie, Bart, and Lisa. The Simpsons™ are visiting Krustyland, the low-budget theme park created by famed TV personality and shameless product huckster Krusty the Clown! As you get more involved you will be drawn into a series of thrilling adventures as you travel through Krustyland, the famed animated theme park by huckster Krusty the Clown.  Once you board your vehicle you’re in for one surprise after another as you embark on a wild, over-the-top ride through the park. The ride and the story keep your heart and your lungs working hard all the way.

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Plunge into total darkness as scarab beetles, and an army of warrior mummies take you on a psychological ride unlike anything that's come along in over 3,000 years! If you like to scream, then this is an experience that you won't find anywhere else.

Do you have what it takes to be at one of the most extreme audience participation shows ever?  If you are then be prepared to take part in gravity-defying stunts in front of thousands as you compete against other guests or perhaps you might be one of the lucky ones and have a great time watching all the action from a soft chair the audience.

The show is live and is located in a specially built amphitheatre located between the San Francisco/Amity and World Expo areas of Universal Studios. A casting process is selects 6 guests who will be contestants in 3 stunts in front of the live audience which produces one winner for each show.

Shrek 4-D™ Here you and Princess Fiona™ and the other well known heroes go on an all new honeymoon adventure picking up where the Oscar®-winning movie "Shrek" left off.

This 4-D show features the original 3-D film, plus an extra dimension of special effects through the miracle of OgreVision that lets you see, hear and actually feel the action right from the edge of your seat!

This show is located in the Production Central area of Universal Studios.

Here with some help and advice from the Men in Black, you and your ride partners, take up the challenge to protect Earth from aliens in this thrilling adventure, MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack. As an trainee agent, you'll annihilate all aliens that get in your way as you chase them through the streets of New York in this high-tech ride which as everyone knows is based on the hit movie. The outcome of this challenge is based on YOUR score.  So score hi my friend as earth depends on you and if you do well, you might get promoted to full fledge Men in Black agent!

But be aware, with multiple endings, it's never the same ride twice! So don’t think you can go back and do better, these aliens are sneaky little devils. So have you got what it takes to join the best of the best?

The MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack is located in the World Expo area of Universal Studios within the 1964 World's Fair exhibit "The Universe and You."

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Jimmy Neutron's Nickelodeon Blast™
You remember the evil Ooblar from the planet Yolkus.  Well he has stolen Jimmy's newest rocket creation...
The Mark IV. So hurry and board your own rocket, and follow Jimmy on a wild chase through a wide array of your favorite Nickelodeon Characters, including SpongeBob SquarePants™, The Fairly Odd Parents™, Hey Arnold!™, and Rugrats™.

Jimmy Neutron's Nickelodeon Blast is located in a themed movie set area called Production Central.

Disaster! Is a Major Motion Picture Ride and guess who is Starring in it?  YOU.  Here you will learn some of the secrets used in the making of disaster films.  You will experience first hand special effects demonstrations and then board a moving subway train as part of the explosive finale scene of a disaster film: a spectacular 8.0 earthquake. Be sure to watch the exciting movie trailer at the end of the scene, as you may just be making your big screen debut!

The ride is located in an area themed after San Francisco's picturesque Fisherman's Wharf and the tiny New England fishing village of Amity.

Animal Actors on Location!SM. This is an outrageous show featuring a humorous mix of video, live animal performances, and audience interaction. Don't be surprised if things don't always go as scripted, because as anyone will tell you, the animals are running the show and they can be a really hilarious once they get started.

The show is located in an area called Woody Woodpecker's KidZone®, a special area just for kids and their families! It is also home to some of the most popular stars in children's entertainment, along with a variety of rides, shows and attractions that appeal to all ages.

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This ride will blow you away, no really, it can literally blow you away!!. Step into a fantastic action-packed movies and feel what it's like to be a storm chaser,.  You will find yourself looking a tornado right in the eye and all you can do is grab on and "Ride It Out," as the special effects wizards work their magic and re-create the explosive force that is the TORNADO.

During the height of the show, every minute of full force air is enough to fill more than four full-size blimps and the twister's piercing sound system runs at 110 decibels, as loud as a rock concert.

The Twister ride is located in an area themed after New York City. Did you know that the studio's New York street sets were constructed to create the perfect filming backdrop for any production set in the big city, from a 1920's Alleyway to a modern Manhattan street and it’s brownstone residences. These urban sets also include parks and a network of alleyways that you can explore.

Universal Studios® also features live shows to entertain all it’s visitors as well as satisfy the curiosity of TV and movie lovers who savor the behind-the-scenes secrets of production. With it’s amazing and varied range of rides and shows, Universal Orlando offers more thrills and excitement per square foot than anywhere else!

Universal Horror and Make-Up Show
See how top make-up artists created amazing special effects as used in many of Universal’s most popular movies. But before the show, check out many of their authentic props, set pieces, plus behind-the-scenes video from Universal’s film Van Helsing.

This indoor stage show is located in the Hollywood back-lot area with a PG-13 Rating and no height restrictions.

The Blues Brothers®
Tell your friends, there’s a party on New York’s Delancey Street and Jake and Elwood, the bad boys of blues are coming to make the part swing. This outdoor stage show is located on the New York back-lot area.  So check the time sheet and get there early as it’s for all guests and has no height restrictions.

Lucy-A Tribute™
It does not matter what age you are, everyone has seen I Love Lucy on TV.  Well this loving tribute to the Queen of Comedy lives at Universal Studios! Here you will walk through the dazzling career of America’s queen of comedy, Lucille Ball with a close-up look at the world’s favorite redhead on screen and off!

You can view some of her classic shows as well as costumes, scripts, and even some rare home movies. If you aren’t already, you’re sure to fall in love with Lucy as many have before you.

This indoor walk-thru attraction is located in the Hollywood back-lot area, is for all guests and has no height restrictions.

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Beetlejuice's Graveyard Review™
Here Beetlejuice™ cranks up Dracula®, Wolfman®, Frankenstein® and Bride of Frankenstein® for a Mega-Monster Rock Show filled with  demons and wailin’ guitars. This live stage show takes place in an open-air amphitheater located in the San Francisco backlot area, has a PG-13 Rating, and no height restrictions.

All the fun is located in a unique KidZone, especially created for younger kids. This area was designed to create fun location for younger children.  It’s a great area for the kids to have fun and at the same time allow the parents to get involved in the action and play along too!

Curious George Goes To Town™
Follow the mischievous footsteps of that monkey Curious George® in this colorful water-based fun area, plus if you are careful, a few well placed dry areas you are surrounded by thousands of soft sponge balls to enhance the fun.
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A Day In The Park With Barney™
Here you can meet everyones favorit,  Barney® and his friends Baby Bop™ and BJ® as you all join in with a live sing-along and clap during the stage show. Then afterwards why not have some fun in Barney’s interactive playground and believe us when we say - It’s Super-Dee-Duper™!

Fievel's Playland™
Get a mouse-eye view of the world in this one-of-a-kind outdoor playground featuring a 1,000-gallon cowboy hat, a 30-foot spider web to climb, and a twisting, turning 200-foot water slide.

Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster™
In case you are asked, yes there is a roller coaster for your young kids too! Climb into your crate and take a fun-filled ride through Woody Woodpecker’s own nut factory on this family-style coaster. We think it’sue to say that it’s the nuttiest ride you’ve ever seen!

Meet The Characters
Get up-close and personal with all of your favorite characters! From the moment you step inside Universal Orlando or perhaps even before that, you will have the chance to interact and take pictures with some of your favorite characters including :-  Shrek® and Donkey, Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants™ and Rugrats™, Alex the lion from Madagascar, and more!

Universal Studio 360
This is the all-new entertainment experience that makes the power of the movies seem bigger than life. It's the largest laser display in Florida with it’s  flame and smoke effects and dazzling pyrotechnics.
On Select Nights only.

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Universal Orlando® Resort is more than jus a theme park, it’s an entire universe of action and thrills provided by its TWO spectacular theme parks that are on many ways unlike anything else in Orlando. At Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure you and every member of you group will share unforgettable experiences together. Here can have the thrilling adventure, enjoy time and fun with your children and family. You can even have a romantic dinner with a loved one, challenge yourself on scary and thrilling theme park ride, or relax by the pool under the fantastic Florida sun.

They say that Universal Orlando Resort packs more excitement into every square foot than anywhere else on earth.  So if your time is limited and you want to make the best use of it then you should check out Universal’s ExpressSM Plus Passes
With this pass you can skip the regular lines at participating rides and attractions throughout the theme parks.
There are both 1 park and 2 park options that will allow you to skip the lines at rides and attractions in either one or BOTH Parks.

NOTE: Valid for one (1) entry per participating attraction. Not valid for theme park admission.

There are sign posted at each ride and relevant location that indicate specific height requirements as well as warnings relating to certain medical conditions and associated risks. Listed below are all the attractions at both Universal Studios ® and Islands of Adventure that have a height requirement. If a show or attraction is not listed then this show or attractions does not have a height restriction and is open to all visitors.
NOTE: Children under 48" (1.22 meters) must be accompanied by an adult at all times and on all attractions.

• Revenge of the MummySM - Must be at least 4"
• Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast™ - Must be at least 40" (persons under 40" can experience this attraction from an adjacent stationary location.)
• MEN IN BLACK™ Alien Attack™ - Must be at least 42"
• Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster® - Must be at least 36"

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Anyone who's ever been on the set of a major motion picture will tell you the cast and crew are always well fed. So it should be no surprise that when you’re "on location" at Universal Studios you’ll find a dazzling array of dining options to choose from.

You can enjoy full service dining at
Lombard’s Seafood Grille or
Finnegan’s Bar and Grill, or just grab a quick turkey leg or an ice cream cone on the go. There's something sure to satisfy every taste, whether you’re an easy-going cameraman or a temperamental child star.

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