SeaWorld and its Sister parks Busch Gardens, Aquatica & Adventure Island - Park Information

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Two days for the price of one is a fantastic deal that will allow you access to one of the world's premiere marine adventure parks with over 200 acres of world-class shows, thrilling rides and unforgettable animal encounters. In fact the only better SeaWorld deal is the SeaWorld Combo package that links Aquatic, Busch Gardens or both to their sister Park, SeaWorld.
In 2010, SeaWorld Orlando hosted an estimated 5.1 million guests, ranking it the ninth-most visited amusement park in the United States.
When they visit SeaWorld guests often comment on how it has changed their views about the sea and understanding of sea life. The SeaWorld publications also suggest from reviews made of their parks that this is a place where the magic of the sea and sky comes to life producing thrilling, challenging, and splashing moments that guests treasure for a long time. In fact you could say that it’s a complete world of unlimited fun and adventures, with the addition is some of the best high speed coaster rides in central Florida.
Here at SeaWorld you will have the opportunity to learn, interact with and discover many of the best kept secrets of the sea and sea-life as you encounter exotic sea animals, get up-close with the killer sharks. You can also play with and feed the dolphins or witness the famous Shamu (the regal prince of the deep) when it comes splashing and showing off just for you plus lots, lots more!
Great Shows
One Ocean - Dive into the exhilaration of the seas on their al-new Shamu show.
A’Lure, The Call of the Ocean – This show tells the tale of the sea Sirens, whose hypnotic calls have lured fishermen to their lairs for centuries.
Elmo & Abby Cadabby’s Treasure Hunt – Sesame Street’s newest neighbor, Abby Cadabby embarks on a treasure hunt adventure with all your sesame street favorites.
Clyde & Seamore – Sit and laugh as Clyde & Seamore have a swashbuckling adventure. Also look at for the seasonal show, Clyde and Seamore’s Countdown to Christmas.
Shamu Rocks – This seasonal show is a rock n’ roll concert featuring Shamu and some of the hottest rock stars in the industry.
Pets Ahoy! – This hilarious show features the talents of a menagerie of dogs, cats, birds, rats, skunks, potbellied pigs and other animals all of who perform a number of amazing skits.
Blue Horizons – Acrobatic Dolphins, soaring birds and amazing
tunt actors in a show about where the sea meets the sky.
Reflections – This is a spectacular celebration of soaring fountains and dazzling fireworks, typically performed during Summer nights and holiday seasons.
Shamu Christmas Miracles (seasonal show) – A thrilling holiday story reflecting the understanding of peace and friendship.
As with all shows, please check the show schedules for full details.
Journey to Atlantis – The first splash is just the start of this ride that has you twisting and turning through watery falls of mystical proportions.
Kraken – Consistently ranked in the worlds top 10 coasters by ride enthusiasts and born from tales that struck terror in the hearts of sailors for centuries it is Orlando’s tallest, fastest and only floorless steel coaster. Ride it if you dare!!
Wilde Arctic – Buckle up tight as you board this heart pounding jet helicopter simulator as it takes you on a turbulent and thrilling expedition.
Manta – Inspired by the form of underwater flight seen when viewing a Manta this ride has you laying face down underneath the belly of this 60 mph coaster ride shaped like a giant Manta with a wing span of 12 feet.
Sky Tower – This 400 foot tall Sky Tower offer riders a fantastic bird’s-eye-view or the entire SeaWorld Park plus on a clear day you can see as far as downtown Orlando.
Shamu’s Happy Harbor – Just the place for the children to let loose and have some real fun with it’s rides and attractions that has them not sure what to do next.
Shark Encounter – This is a underwater viewing tunnel that gives guests a close up and personal view of these prehistoric predator that is the Shark.
Wild Arctic – Explore this multi-level ecosystem featuring a wide array of Arctic animals’.
Dolphin Cove – This is one of the largest interactive Dolphin pools in the world and is home to a pod of playful Atlantic bottlenose Dolphins whose intelligence is only matched by their appetite.
Shamu: close up – View the killer Whales from their perspective as you venture beneath the waves for an up close and personal look through this fantastic viewing window.
Penguin Encounter – The other side of the glass the temperature is a chilly 30 degrees and the water is an icy 45, this is just perfect these funny little characters to carry on their day to day lives wondering what those funny things are out there sliding by looking at them!!
Dolphin Nursery – Here you may catch a glimpse of Dolphin mothers and their calves.
Manatee Rescue – Here in Florida’s tropical waters there is a wide and diversity of life, none more so that perhaps the rare and endangered Manatee. Here they work tirelessly to help save them.
Stingray Lagoon – Here you can feel and feed most docile of animals as they slowly swim by.
Pacific Point Preserve – Here you get to meet, touch and even feed both Sea Lions and Harbor Seals.
Turtle Point – SeaWorld Orlando has rescued and rehabilitated more than 300 sea turtles ranging from hatchlings to some 6ft long. Located at the key West area.
Jewel of the Sea Aquarium – Located at Journey to Atlantis, this amazing tropical aquarium offer a wide variety of undersea creatures.
Arcade and games Area – This area features all types of video and skill games plus a chance to win plush toys including Shamu and his crew
Manta Aquarium – This aquarium offer the opportunity for guests to glimpse the incredible world of tropical fish and rays.


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