Aquatica Water Park Information


Aquatica opened in March 2008 as SeaWolrds water park, it joined the other three Orlando water parks (Disney’s Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon and Orlando’s first water park Wet n’Wild).  It has now found it’s place in this group by becoming a a whimsical, one-of-a-kind waterpark quoted as being unlike any you've will ever have experienced.

Once in the park you can float through an undersea world of exotic fish, thunder through rolling rapids, relax on our white sandy beaches, or take a tube slide through an underwater world where black-and-white Commerson's Dolphins as they play and race alongside you.

As you walk through the gates visitors will be amazed by the feeling of space as the nearly 60 acre site blends lush and colorful landscapes with the feeling you get when on a South Sea Island.  This makes the Aquatica landscape quite stunning as its blue water rivers meander through grottos and stunning waterfalls and all the time the rich depth of greenery highlighted by fantastic flowers arrangement only help enhance the tall and awesome rock formations.

In addition to a wide variety of animals from all over the world, Aquatic also features some of the most thrilling water rides in the world with 36 water slides, six rivers and lagoons, and more than 80,000 square feet of beach area. The signature attraction plunges riders in clear tubes through a crystal clear blue lagoon which makes you feel that you are flying beneath a sea full of black and white Commersons dolphins.  In addition the eight-lane racing slides, triple-drop raft rides, double inner tubes, and a 6-story family ride round out the mix of thrills.

Aquatica's attractions also offer high-energy thrill rides and fantastic swimming experiences. With a mix of raft rides, rivers, colorful racing tunnels plus crashing surf and high-speed thrills, there is the contrast of quiet pools, lagoons and lazy rivers to allow guests to enjoy slower and more restful pace that will allow the batteries to re-charge.

A number of the park's attractions have dual experiences built into them.  For example the two immense wave lagoons create the world's only side-by-side wave pools that can be operated independently or together. Although they are side by side, each lagoon can offer a very different experience. One could have crashing waves with 5-foot swells, and at the same time the other offers a gently rolling surf. There are in fact nine different wave patterns that can be created within the two pools, with the ability to generate one immense wave, or even "dueling" waves just to add that extra thrill for the guests.

The winding rivers that flow in and around Aquatica also offer two different journeys from serene to extreme. One river carries guests through gentle waterfalls, past exotic birds and into an undersea grotto with a multitude of colorful fish. But at the same time the adjacent river offers pure thrill, jetting riders through rolling rapids, rushing geysers and racing tidal like waters.

As with SeaWorld, Aquatica is for everyone regardless of age so even the little ones can have a great time swimming  in one of the world's largest interactive water play areas which includes a colorful rain fortress that towers over  60 feet above this 15,000-square-foot pool. The whole family can play together on the slides and then blast water cannons at whoever might get in the way... There is also a separate children's pool, so that even those not old enough to walk can still slide down tubes with Mom and Dad in specially built rafts.

You can rest aside the sandy beaches by the lagoons or cool off in the shade of the towering oaks and exotic tree. With cabanas dotted along the shoreline to allow those who desire a private retreat to pamper themselves. The park has been designed to limit lines and wait times so as to provide easy access to rides, attractions and even restaurants. To add even more luxury, you have to leave the comfort of your lounge chair by using the beachside waiter service.

Aquatica designers have created a park that not only complements the SeaWorld adventure but also blends well with the third member of the SeaWorld family, Discovery Cove.  So between them this trio of experiences can be found nowhere else in the world and is one that every visitor

Cutback Cove & Big Surf Shores
One thing that makes Aquatica so unique, make that two things, are the giant, side-by-side wave pools you won't find anywhere else in the U.S.

Dolphin Plunge
The most popular ride in the park is our incredible Dolphin Plunge. One look and it's easy to see why.

Kata's Kookaburra Cove
If you're a kid, Kata's Kookaburra Cove is the coolest place in the park to be.         

Loggerhead Lane
Take a load off your feet and hop on a lazy river ride down Loggerhead Lane.
This leisurely raft ride takes you through an underwater world colored by exotic tropical fish.           

Omaka Rocka
Now open, experience Omaka Rocka … an all-new water thrill ride featuring high-speed tubes and half-pipe funnels that’ll have riders splashing and sliding frontward and backward and climbing the walls.
Roa's Rapids
Roa's Rapids race you along an action river ride through the white waters of Aquatica.      

Tassie's Twisters
Tassie's Twisters is one of the wackiest rides we've ever imagined. In fact, getting there is part of the fun.
Taumata Racer
If you're looking for the biggest thrill in the park, you've found it. Meet Taumata, a high-speed competitive mat ride where eight racers rip down a staggeringly steep hill, head first.       

Walhalla Wave & HooRoo Run
Walhalla Wave is a thrilling ride for the whole family, zooming you through a 6-story maze of twists, turns, and tunnels before you surge back out into daylight.            

Walkabout Waters
With its whimsical character and a seemingly endless sea of fun, Walkabout Waters is one of the most talked-about places in the park for kids.       

Whanau Way
This quadruple slide tower offers riders four different high-speed experience will visit time and time again.


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