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The max 30 minute Boggy Creek Airboat Rides start when you board one of their multi-seater/passenger airboat.  You then start off with a leisurely idle down a natural canal viewing exotic birds, turtles and the Florida alligator in their own natural environment. Then you will fly like the wind into the swamps experiencing the awesome feel of an airboat ride traveling up to 45 miles per hour.

Boggy Creek Airboat Rides has been showing visitors just how beautiful the Central Florida Everglades is for many years.

Ride run every 30 minutes and the best time to see alligators is a first thing in the morning. 

                                      *All vessels are U.S. Coast Guard approved, licensed and insured.

Frequently asked questions :-

Do we need to make reservations? not normally, the 1/2 hour airboat tour leaves every 30 minutes from the time the first person signs in. You can show up any time from 9:00 am- 5:00pm.

  • How old do you have to be to ride on the tours? All ages are welcome on all tours. They do not have a minimum age or height requirement for the tours. A child under 2 can sit on your lap or ride beside you. They usually enjoy the ride, but some have a problem with the noise and/or wearing a life vest which is required for children under 6.
  • What is the best time to go? The best chance of seeing alligators is early morning. So get there as early as possible.
  • Is there a guarantee to see alligators? No one can guarantee that guests will see alligators. The boat captains have many years of experience and are usually really good at finding them, but since they are in the wild each ride is unique and unpredictable.
  • Do you provide life vests & hearing protection? All our passengers are provided with hearing protection prior to riding on our airboat tours. Life vests can be found under the seat and in the front of the boat. Children 6 and under are required to wear a life vest.
  • Are the tours handicap accessible? Both our locations have wheelchair access. Unfortunately, we are unable to have the wheelchair on the airboat so the passenger would need to be transferred from the wheelchair to the seat in the boat.
  • If any assistance is needed at all please inform the front desk upon arrival and the staff will be more than happy to help in any way.

About Boggy Creek Airboat Rides
Boggy Creek Airboat Rides started with a six-passenger airboat in 1994. They have since become a location for travelers all around the world. They strive to maintain a unique experience for their visitors by limiting a maximum amount of travelers per day into the wetlands.

They have been featured on many educational films, books and articles including the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, BBC and morning TV shows.

Their fleet of airboats has grown to over eight 17-passenger airboats.  Over a million passengers have learned about the Everglades by exploring the Wetlands with Boggy Creek Airboat Rides.

ATC recommendation

If you want to see more of the Real Florida then we suggest you consider Wild Willy’s Airboat Tours.  This is a family run business that offers a 60 minute tour on a 6 seater airboat (licensed and insured) with your own qualified personal and U.S. Coast Guard approved captain.. 

This has rapidly becoming one of our more popular adventures that has families and groups returning year after years and time after time.   

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For more details don’t hesitate to contact us at (407) 406-0091 or

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