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Wonder Works Magic Combo

This is a great fun day for everyone as it combines a fantastic day at Wonder Works plus an evening of food and entertainment at the great Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show.

Once you have read the write-up below select your adult and/or child tickets and let the fun begin.

 General Building Admission plus the Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show


This Magic Combo option adds the Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner show so that your fun day can continue into the evening allowing the memories to keep growing.

Wonder Works Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show

The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner show is housed within the Wonder Works building.  In addition to be one of the best value for money shows in Orlando.  It has, and continues to entertaining guests of all ages for years and is sure to please all the little magicians in your family.

As the show starts, your waiters/waitresses will start to serve everyone with, salad, pizza, popcorn and desert plus an array of  beverages including unlimited beer, wine, soda.

As you enjoy your meal, the magic show starts and give you a magic show unlike any other here in Orlando, which is enhanced by audience participation which makes it even more hilarious.  Without doubt both children and adults will have a fantastic time. So make sure you put this on your list of must see shows.

The Show
The magic show features Tony Brent who is a nationally recognized entertainer who will be sure to amaze you with feats of magic as well as keep you busting at the seams.

The magic dinner show is about 90 minutes long and the experience will keep you on the edge of your seat laughing at every gag and gasping at every illusion. The Outta Control Magic Show provides a one of a kind entertainment experience and is a great way to spend an evening after a day at the world famous theme parks of Orlando.

Outta Control Magic Dinner Show is presented nightly at 6:00pm and 8:00pm. Reservations are highly recommended so when booking why not contact us at Attraction Ticket Center (407-406-0091) and let us book it for you.  But if you are not sure what day/evening you want, then you can call the booking office on – 407-351-8800 and tell them you have your tickets and want to make a booking.  Its that simple. After your magic dinner show, if you had the Combo ticket, you can go back into the main Wonder Works Building and carry on having fun.

On some select evenings, Wonder Works stays open until late, so please check for current closing times.

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Wonder Works Information - Dinner show info belwo.......

The story so far …….. The Wonder Works building was once a top-secret laboratory and was located in the Bermuda Triangle.  But one day it was ripped from its foundation by a terrible tornado and carried for thousands of miles until it landed here in Orlando Florida. What was never published was that the tornado was created by many crazy scientists from around the world trying to find the answers to the unexplained. One fateful day during their experiments, something went very wrong and a Tornado was formed unleashing an unbelievable amount of power ripping the laboratory from its foundations. However they were fortunate that the Tornado although extremely powerful was very stable and as such all of their works of wonder stayed intact and fully functional. As the years have passed there have been many changes but a few of their exhibits can still be found inside this crazy upside down house on the first and second levels of the Wonder Works building.

Extreme Lazer Tag
Showcasing more than 10,000 sq. ft. of action and arcade fun, Wonder Works Laser Tag games combine new age technology and fast-paced excitement to provide gamers with a very unique experience. Put on your laser vests and face off against your opponents in a huge glow in the dark gaming room. The object of the game of coarse is to seek out and destroy your opponents without getting tagged by your enemies.

Bed of Nails
Have you ever seen those people who lay on a bed of nails and said to yourself, "Hay, I want to do that." Well this is your opportunity to do it at Wonder Works Orlando. Lie on your back on top of 3,500 nails. Have you ever wanted to fly a space shuttle or fly a fighter jet or put on an authentic space suit or climb aboard an earthquake simulator or make the biggest bubble in the world? Well at Wonder Works Orlando you and your family can.


Earthquake Simulator
At Wonder Works Orlando, you can experience one of history's most terrorizing earthquakes, the 1989 San Francisco earthquake that stopped baseball's World Series and collapsed a freeway. This terrorizing event is recreated in the laboratory right inside the Wonder Works. Hold on and get ready to feel what a 5.3 earthquake actually feels like in real life.

Fighter Jets Simulator
Discover what it feels like to fly in a real life fighter jet. You will get behind the controls and pilot the F14 and F18 fighter jets across the blue skies of your simulator. The stunning visual effects of 3 wide screen HD monitors will make you feel just like you are up in the sky like you have always dreamt about. Only here at Wonder Works Orlando can you fly like an eagle without joining the military

Land A Space Shuttle!
This is your chance to climb behind the controls of a Space Shuttle simulator and see what it takes to fly and land this hi-tech piece of machinery. Test your hand and eye coordination and maneuver the controls to fly and land the Discovery Space Shuttle on the Cape Canaveral’s landing field. Feel first hand the challenge and skill needed to make this nerve testing landing.

    -  NEW!!  -  NEW!!  -  NEW!!  -  NEW!!  -  NEW!!  -  NEW!!  -  NEW!!  -  NEW!!  -   -  NEW!!  -  NEW!!  -  NEW!! 

The Wonder Works now includes a Rope Challenge Course and 4-D Motion Ride. Please remember, closed toe shoes are required if you wish to participate.


If you want  to have an even better day out why not by the Magic Combo ticket and enjoy the Outta Control Magic Dinner Show and really round off your day.

So if you want to make a day of it at Wonder Works Florida, then save big money by purchasing the Wonder Works Magic Combo Ticket.

For further details check out the Outta Control Dinner show information section below

Directions to Wonder Works

To reach WonderWorks, take I-4 to exit 72 (Beachline Expressway) or exit 74 ( Sand Lake Road, S.R. 482). From exit 72, take the Beachline Expressway east 1/2 mile and exit north onto International Dr. to the Pointe Orlando Entertainment Complex. From exit 74, take Sand Lake Rd. east 1/4 mile and turn south onto International Dr. to the Pointe Orlando Entertainment Complex. WonderWorks is easily identifiable by its Upside-Down - 82 foot tall exterior.

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