About Us & Mission Statement


Welcome to the Attraction Ticket Center (ATC)

Our Mission is to provide :- 

   “Informed Advice, superb Service and competitive pricing which all equals Happy and returning Clients”

About Us

We are a web based family owned and run company that excels in providing a level of service that has clients returning time & time again in addition to recommending us to their friends and family alike.

With so many companies out there saying they are number  or that they are the best we, like you, find it difficult to understand who decides the #1 position and who at any time is really #1.

As such we don’t make such claims. We just promise to work with our clients so as to ensure they get the right tickets for their family or group and in doing this, get great customer service at a compeditive price.  This means that at the end of the day you the customer get the best advice and value for your money.

At Attraction Ticket Center (ATC) we currently sell tickets to over 100 countries world wide.  This gives us a wide range of experience as well as a unique handle of what visitors from other countries are looking for.  In addition, it also allows us to build up an unprecedented knowledge base and understanding of how visitors to Central Florida view their visit which allows us to not only to improve our knowledge but also means we can pass this knowledge onto our venue and theme park representatives.  This then ensures that they also can impliment positive changes and input into their venues and theme parks,
In addition to a wide and ever increasing customer base we also have a large number of affiliates based here in Central Florida as well as abroad.  Many of them have been with us for over 10 years.  These affiliates are pleased to promote our services to all of their guests before their arrival via their own company web sites as well as in a large number of their holiday homes using flyers, information in villa information manuals and the ever popular fridge magnet. 

ATC is an authorized ticket sellers here in Central Florida who offer a wide selection of tickets to all the well known parks such as Walt Disney World®, Universal Orlando Resort®.

But be aware there are a number of ourtlets in and aroung that offer tickets and special deals.  many of them suggest they buy used tickets and often prices and deals that are in many cases unbelieveable.

Ocasionally we are asked for prices and then told that there is a booth somewhere that said they can do it for a lot less.  This is always very worrying and all I can say is that if it sounds to good to be tru, it probably is.

In addition to the large parks such as Disney, Universal and Seaworld, we also offer a wide range of perhaps lesser known attractions such as Wild Willy’s Airboat Tours and the Celebration 70 minute Segway Tours.  These are becoming ever more popular as visitors are looking for something new and different.  This is particulary true for repeat visitors and people who visit florida to avoid winter in their own home town or country and want to do different things and not just the parks.

With a wide range of venues and parks out there you should also not forget that Central Florida also offers a wide range of Water Parks and Dinner Shows all at discounted prices.

So now you have found us, put our details in your favorites list and let us help and advise you on what is available for you family or party.  This way you can ensure you get up to date and informed advice plus the right tickets to meet your needs and pocket.

Many of our clients tell us that buying from ATC means they are confident that they have received the right up to date advice and tickets for their family or group.  In additional they are feel confident that as a professional company we will ensure that their payments and privacy are secure and maintained at all times making the whole transaction stress free.

So let me state just for the record, we don’t say we are the best or that we are Number 1.  We leave this to others such as our clients and the ever increasing number of returning world wide guests and there recommendations to others.

So now you have found us, come and join our ever increasing family and let us help you have a great stay here in Central Florida.

for more information you can call us on :- (407) 406-0091  or just click here (mysupport@attractionticketcenter.com) and send us an email outlining how we at Attarction Ticket Center can help, advise and provide your ticket needs.



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